Music by Trixie Sonata

A collection of all the music I've ever made under the alias Trixie Sonata, which is where I primarily release music these days. Why do I release music under my fursona's name? Hard to tell, other than it's something that stuck.

All of my major releases are available on Bandcamp if you'd like to purchase them.


My second album, composed entirely during February of 2019 as part of February Album Writing Month. This album actually is a concept album, though the concept is admittedly quite loose; at some point I'll write up the full story, though that will probably have to wait until after graduation. My favorite songs on here are, oddly, both of the non-electronic songs: Snowstep and Printemps. The cover art was drawn by Zo Linker.


My debut album, and definitely one I'm very proud of. It was originally conceived as a concept album, but that got scrapped fairly early on; there's still vestiges of that (including a couple of musical motifs that carry between songs) if you know what to look for, though. Also, for the record, Prélude d'aube is definitely the best song from the album in my opinion. The cover art was drawn by Zo Linker.

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